Blog Themes and Categories

I started posting daily to my blog in 2009.  I love to write and this experience has been tremendous.  While most of my posts follow the theme that I choose for any given year, I do post on other topics occasionally as well.  To view the previous annual themes, see below.  In 2014, I fell off the blogging wagon and stepped a way from the blog.  I found the "theme" idea to be too limiting (all of a sudden... Don't ask me why!  It worked for several years!)  Now I'm just going to post on any subject I choose and I'm sure I'll be hitting those "themes" once in while again too.

All posts are in chronological order with the most recent first.  My entire blog is posted on the “blog” page.  If you're looking for something particular, click here to view the Archive page. You can also view the blog by theme by clicking on the “Category Cloud” on the top right of this page.

We create with our thoughts and words, so I will always try to be positive in my posts, however, I do reserve the right to blow off a little steam once in a while.  My goal is to chronicle the heroes in my life and tell the stories.

Please visit often and leave comments.  I thrive on feedback. (Good and bad, but I always prefer good.)

2009 - Counted Blessings

The blog that started it all. I counted my blessings each and every day and shared them with you.  I blogged about one thing each day that was a blessing in my life.  This was a very popular and positive project for me.  A big thank you to everyone who held me accountable.  It was the beginning of my daily blogging adventure.  It was originally posted under "Counted Blessings" but I have since incorporated it into my daily, personal blog. There is much to be grateful for if we just take time to notice.


2010 - Photo A Day

I changed it up and posted a "Photo of the Day" each day.

2011 - 20:11

I'm simplified even more.  I took a photograph (usually) at "20:11" (8:11 pm) every night to document what I was doing at that moment.   It might be a bit boring, but it is an accurate record of my daily life in 2011.

The abundant grace all around us.


2013 - HEY KID

These blog posts are dedicated to my future grand-children.  Each day I wrote a letter to my future grand-children on a variety of topics.  The series will be called "Hey Kid."

2014 - 1,000 WORDS

These posts tell the stories of some of my favorite photographs.