1st Annual Moms (Gone Wild) Weekend

Once a month, I go to dinner with some friends.  We’ve been doing this for about 22 years and there is no sign of us slowing down.  (If anything, we are more committed than ever.)  During those years, we’ve always talked about traveling together (or at least going away for a weekend.)  Well, it finally happened.  We set a date and made a simple plan for a two-night get-a-way and I think it was the first of many more to come.

We spent the weekend in Angels Camp (about an hour drive from Modesto.)  We shopped around in the cute little town of Murphy’s and even drove a little further up the hill to Avery (to take some photos of a property for Leroy.) 

We ate, drank and laughed… a lot.  We poked fun at each other (and ourselves,) reminisced and planned for the future.  We “hiked” around Greenhorn Creek Golf Course (through the beautiful neighborhood) and got lost but came across some deer who watched us with curiosity. 

Kris Lewis drove (although I’m not sure we’ll let her drive the next time,) Stephanie Pizzirulli cooked (and asked a lot of questions,) Chris Yates documented the whole thing with photographs and I relaxed and enjoyed my time with dear friends.

I’m already looking forward to the next trip.