Cheech and Chong

You don't have to hang around this blog very long to figure out that my dogs are very important members of our family.  Today was a semi-traumatic day for us.  Charlie was neutered and Daisy had a "Quick" surgery.  I spent my evening nursing these two who haven't quite fully come out of their anesthetic.  They are a bit wobbly, tried and slightly confused.  I told Sierra they acted as if they had been smoking weed together.  She asked me how I knew what that looked like since I've never used weed (true) and I said I just know from all the movies I watched in the 80's.  They look like Cheech and Chong. I did have one terrifying moment when I went back to pick them up in the afternoon.  When I checked in with the receptionist, she said... "The doctor would like to speak to you in one of the exam rooms."  I was a wreck.  I thought for sure something had happened to one of them.  All of the blood left my face and my heart started to race.  I said... "Why?  What's wrong?"  All I heard her say was Charlie and stomach.  A huge lump developed in my throat and I started to think there was some major complication.  I just blurted out... "Is he alive?"  She said, "Oh yes, he's fine.  He just has a rash."  I was so relived, but part of me wanted to reach across the desk and ring her neck for scaring me like that.

Charlie's surgery is pretty self explanitory.  (A friend reminded me of a Far Side cartoon... "Charlie's going to get tutored tomorrow.  He's going to be SO SMART!")  He did well but will be stuck with an E Collar when he's in the kennel or left alone.  He's on antibiotic and will have his stitches out in 2 weeks.

Daisy's surgery was a new one to me.  It's called a Nail Quick surgery and basically all they do is put her to sleep and cut her nails way back.  Then, they cauterize the nail to stop the bleeding.  This will shorten the Quick of her nail and then we can keep the cut back shorter.

The weirdest thing about having her home is that I can't hear her walking anymore.  Her little feet have always made a scraping sound in the kitchen, and even on the carpet I could hear her little nails clicking together.  We're going to have to be careful that we don't step on her now.