We were invited to three different weddings this weekend and actually made it to two (ceremony for one and reception for the other) of them which seemed a bit overwhelming when we were trying to plan the day.  This photo is from the wedding of Jon and Dawna Rebiero.  I first met Dawna when she was in kindergarten with my niece.  It seems like yesterday. Since we missed the ceremony, this was our first chance to see her and Jon and we were literally speechless. She was so beautiful and beaming with pure joy and happiness.  What a stunning couple they make.  Just like last week, I was truly moved by the kind words each had for the other.  What a privilege it is to share in these moments.  Jon talked about how he felt when he first saw Dawna at the church.  That's always my favorite part.  Everyone looks at the bride and I always watch at the groom. We celebrated with old friends and neighbors and especially enjoyed the company of Dawna's little brother Patrick who has a special place in our family.

Congratulations to all of the couples this weekend.  Mrs. and Mrs. Jon Rebiero, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Baballe.