In my attempt to convalesce and get over this stupid cough thing... I've recently gone back to reading... A favorite hobby that I haven't carved out much time lately.  I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle (which I love and will tell you about in another post) and I started with Oprah's current selection The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  I thought it would be great because it had a lot to do with dogs... but I didn't care for it much. Maybe I didn't "get" it... I had to force myself to finish it. My next choice came from some unexpected enthusiasm from my son.  Steel had chosen to read Twilight to fulfill his book report obligation for the quarter.  Many of the kids are reading it and it had been recommended.  His enthusiasm has been infections.  He has never (never) enjoyed a book like he has this one.  So much so that he insist that I buy the next in the series (New Moon) before he complete the first one.  I told Sierra about it so she picked it up and enjoyed it as well.

Not to be left out... I had to read it to see what all of the excitement is about.  I read the first (Twilight) in about 3 days.  I got so hooked on the story... I read the remaining books in the series... (New Moon, Ecliplse and Breaking Dawn) in THREE DAYS!  I can't believe it myself.  If there was a 5th... I'd be on that one already too instead of writing this blog.

Needless to say, I haven't accomplished much else.  The basic housekeeping, a few loads of laundry and a meal here or there is all I've had time for... but well worth it.  My dogs can't figure out what's wrong with me.  Charlie has not left my side.

I thought these books were great.  I understand there will be a new series of the same story written in a different character's perspective and I'll be sure to read those as well.

Twilight the movie will be released on Friday the 21st.  I'll be there.