Happy 2009!

I'm way behind on the blog... I know, I know.  But give me a break.  It's been close to chaos around here with the holidays and wrestling and all of the celebrations.  I really have been trying to get back on track it's just not obvious yet. I did make a few New Year's resolutions.  Some I'm willing to share and some I'm not.  One of the biggest (and proving to be a bit difficult) is a new blog that I've started.  I'm going to write about a single "blessing" each day.  Some will be fabulous, and some will be frivolous, but I'm going to count at least 365 of them.  As soon as I have it ready (within the next week or so) I'll post the link and you'll all be able to read and chime in with your comments.  Don't be too critical on what I choose to write about.  Remember, we all have way too many to keep track of.  I'm focused on celebrating the ordinary in my extraordinary life.