Copy Center

I really had a great experience this morning at the Office Max copy center in Turlock.  I went in with an unusual request and was helped immediately by a gal who has helped me there before, Meredith.  She was kind and cooperative and answered all of my questions.  I think it's so cool that you can walk into a place like that with just and idea and all of the tools and "know-how" are available to you.  I thought I might have to wait, but this time we went straight to work and got it done.  Now... I'd love to tell you what I did, but I can't just yet.  It's a project for a little surprise for someone special on Saturday.  Let's just say, I had this idea last night, threw it together at the last minute and with Meredith's help this morning it turned out better than I had hoped. Check back after Saturday night and I'll post an update in the comment section with a picture or two.