Today's choice was very easy.  Looking back on my blog, you'll note that I had some problems with my washing machine.  We'll... last night it really escalated.  When we walked in the back room, there was water all over the floor.  Oh no!  The first thought is "Oh crap, I have to clean this up."  Then, immediately after that the second thought is "What am I going to do about laundry tomorrow."   I searched for the sales slip and to confirm my hunch that we indeed had purchased the extended warranty when we bought the machine in January of 2007.  Sure enough (and thank goodness) we did.   I called first thing this morning, and they added me to the schedule. 

In the mean time, I tried to follow my own advice... Hope for the best, but plan for the worst... So I packed up all of the laundry and headed for the laundromat.  Now I really have to confess... I secretly LOVE going to the laundromat.  Aside from the obvious hassle of hauling the clothes in and out of the car and the expense... I love the fact that you can get the entire batch done in one shot.  I was literally in and out of there today in a little more than 1 hour.  Everything done in about an hour.  It was fantastic.

Now back to the repair.  The guy came out about 4:00.  It was a cracked pump which of course was covered under the warranty.  Yahoo!  Now the bad news. Once he removed the pump, he realized that the damage was caused by several coins that were inside the pump rubbing against the interior.  Oh no.  That means it was operator error and not necessarily covered under the warranty.  He assured me he would let it slide this time but he told me I need to be more careful about checking the pockets.  (I never checked the pockets before, but I will now.)

Now... another exciting development.  In my search for the receipt for the washing machine, I came across the sales receipt for my camera flash.  I blew out the bulb at the tournament on Friday and was planning on sending it off to Nikon for repair.  The exciting news is that the purchase date for the flash was 1-22-07... which means it is just still covered under the 1 year warranty!  It can't get any better than this.