I don't really watch much TV.  I can't stand sound of it as background noise so it is never on in the middle of the day when I'm home alone.  I think that is because my hearing is getting so bad.  (Although I think I should leave it on for Daisy when we're gone.)  Anyway, there are a couple of shows I really enjoy; The Office, Friday Night Lights, occasionally an episode of Oprah... so I set the TiVo to record them and then I pick and choose what I want to watch and when.  It's the best.  The greatest part about TiVo is that I can fast forward right through all of the commercials.  I can keep the shows I want to see again or delete them from the title if it's a re-run or I'm just not interested.  I can pause it to take the dogs out or rewind if I missed something.  I've become so spoiled with TiVo, that I hate watching anything live anymore.  Today, I caught up on my shows and enjoyed a little "down" time in front of the tube.