Silver Volvo

I've really been dreading this weekend for a while.  We are in Southern California right now for a big wrestling tournament... a really big, tough wrestling tournament with teams from all over the region... tons of fans crowded into a small gym all fighting for a place to sit and watch their kid.  This is a tough one.  Don't get me wrong... there will be some spectacular matches but it will take a toll physically and mentally on athletes and fans alike.

But there's always a bright side.  We were able to fly... that's always a treat.  We're staying in a nice hotel... always fun... But the greatest part of the whole trip was our rental car.  Leroy walked up to the counter and took care of the paper work while I waited with the luggage.  He came back and said... "We got a silver Volvo."  

I stopped dead in my tracks.  "Did you say a Silver Volvo?"  He assured me and then asked why I was so excited.

Now you have to be a Twilighter (read the Twilight series of books) to appreciate my excitement for a silver Volvo.  That is the car that the main character (Edward) drives.  It's a metaphor for Edward's character and personality in the stories: affluent, classic, stable and safe.  

I immediately got on my cell phone to share my excitement with some of my Twilighter buddies.  I can't stop smiling the whole time we're in this car.  It's going to be a great trip.