I love magazines.  All kinds... scrapbooking, cooking, celebrity... really anything.  I subscribe to very few, but I am always mesmerized by the display in the grocery store.  (My ultimate favorite is the wall of magazines at Barnes and Noble.)  The problem is that I hardly ever seem to find the time to sit down and really read one.  (That's why I don't subscribe to more.)  It's really a shame.  When I travel, I always haul a few with me, hoping to catch up but the added weight to the luggage hardly makes it worth it.   Today I had a chance to go through a few back issues of the scrapbooking magazines I brought.  This is fairly simple since most of my interest is in layout ideas so there's not much reading.  I SHOULD be able to go through a whole lot more at the tournaments, but I'm so easily distracted.