Express Lane

Today when we arrived at the Long Beach Airport to fly home, the line for check in at the Jet Blue counter was way out the door.  Leroy parked our luggage and went to wait in the back of the line.  While I was standing there, I noticed that there really were two lines... the regular check in line and the "baggage drop" line which was empty.  I watched a couple "check in" at the Jet Blue kiosk and then take their luggage up to the counter in the drop line and whiz right through... So I did the same thing.  Leroy was thrilled when I showed him our boarding passes and we were able to skip the long line and just leave the luggage at the counter.   Now I now there will be critics out there that say... "I can't believe you checked luggage."  But I have to remind you, I'm very high maintenance!