Electric Seats

Last summer I downsized the vehicle that I drive.  I went from a Ford Excursion to the much smaller Ford Edge.  I have really enjoyed the new car (although I miss the passenger room of the Excursion terribly) but I have never really mastered driving it.  I could drive that Excursion EVERYWHERE with exact precision.  I could park ANYWHERE and ANY WAY... including parallel... perfectly.  In the Edge... we'll let's just say, not so much.  I have hard time parking (I miss the lines every time) and Leroy says I make him nauseous. Today I was driving and Leroy was in the passenger seat.  He was complaining (again) about my driving and told me to try raising the seat straight up.  He said that he's watched me strain and stretch to see out and wondered if raising the seat would help.  I didn't even realize it would go that direction.  I pulled the slider straight up and all me darned if the seat didn't go straight up in the air just like a barber's chair.  It was fabulous.  I could FINALLY see out the front window.  I could see the lane lines so easily and out the back window with ease.  What a difference!  When I drove home from the wrestling meet I called him on the phone to tell him that I think we finally figured out what the problem was with my driving.  I can't wait to try it again tomorrow.