Uncle Glade

I have so many wonderful memories of my Uncle Glade (my Dad's brother) both old and new.  He and his family have been a part of my life through all of the stages and I am so blessed to still have him around.  When I was a child, I remember his old car (and an accident) and how much I looked forward to visiting with him, Aunt Pam and my cousins.  I remember his voice and his songs... especially "King of the Road."  When Mom and Dad got into the horse business, Uncle Glade was there.  It was a lifelong dream for both him and my dad to own, raise and show the beautiful Arabians they had for so long admired.  Uncle Glade became a trainer, groom, breeder and we spent a lot more time together. When we sold the horses... our lives drifted apart.  Not on purpose, things just happen that way.  I grew up, got married and started raising a family of my own. We would occasionally see Uncle at a family function (mostly funerals) and always cherished that limited time together.  Then... one Christmas when Uncle Glade was at our home, I was complaining about sending my beloved dog Daisy to the kennel.  She absolutely hates the experience and pouts for days after she's been there.  Uncle told me that he would watch Daisy for me when we traveled and so it began.

Now I get to see him all the time.  Whenever we need a sitter for Daisy, he takes her.  During wrestling season, she's there a lot.  She just loves him and Aunt Pam.  She is happy and content when I pick her up and oh so excited to go the next time. They have a routine and Daisy loves the attention and all of the activity.

This weekend, Uncle Glade is really bailing me out.  All of my plans for Charlie's (Lab puppy) care have fallen through and so I called Uncle Glade to see if he would be willing to take the big guy too.  He quickly agreed and asked when we would arrive.  It is such a relief to know that my dogs will be loved and cared for while we are away.  He has a gift with animals and they respond so well to him.

I'm so excited for Charlie to get to know and love Uncle Glade just like the rest of us do.