Fortune Cookies

This one's for you Chelsea! I know that it seems pretty shallow to list a fortune cookie as a blessing in your life.  But when you get to share them with friends and family, the fun and laughter that they bring at the completion of a meal truly is a gift.  Today we were able to eat at one of my favorite restaurants (PF Chang's) in Sacramento not just once, but twice.  Leroy and I walked over for lunch earlier in the day (during the wrestling tournament) and then when Sierra and her friends arrived, we had dinner.  (The chicken lettuce wraps are the best!)

Last weekend, we found chocolate dipped fortune cookies at Costco in Fountain Valley.  We shared them with the wrestling family in our hotel room later that evening that ended the evening on a fun note.

Whenever we have fortune cookies it is a tradition that we go around the table and read them one at a time.  The twist is that we add the words "in bed" to the end of the fortune.  This changes the WHOLE dynamic of the printed words on that little strip of paper.  It always invokes a bit of humor into the fortune... and is a gentle way to poke fun at the individual reading it.