Sugar Free Pineapple Cream Cheese Crunch Pie

One of my favorite places in the whole world to eat is a little bakery and restaurant called "The Lunch Pail."  Inside there is an eclectic collection of old lunch pails all over the walls. Leroy informed me that he once owned 3 lunch pails just like the ones on display.  I told him that I always wanted to take my lunch to school in a cool lunch box but my mother insisted that I have hot lunch everyday.  (The grass is always greener.) Anyway... besides the delicious food and wonderful decor... the greatest part of this place is their pies.  My favorite is the Sugar Free Pineapple Cream Cheese Crunch.  It is absolutely delicious.  They always give you a little pie sample with your food order so I get smidgen to fill the craving, but I ALWAYS order a piece to go so that I can steal a bite from the fridge for the rest of the day.  Leroy doesn't like berry pie (another favorite) so he usually orders the Dutch Apple... mmmmm.... yummy!