Romance Novels

I was going to title this "Trashy" Romance Novels, but then I decided that they really don't have to be trashy to be entertaining.  And... it might seem a bit odd to have blessing and trashy in the same thought concept.  Bottom line is... occasionally, I like to escape into the world of make-believe and read a no-brainer romance novel.  I read my first (and last) Nora Roberts the other day and thought it was really stupid.  She's supposed to be one of the popular romance novelists right now, but there was more voodoo and evil spirit stuff than romance.  I was gravely disappointed.  It was the first of a trilogy... I don't need to read the 2nd. With a good romance novel, you don't have to think or even concentrate too hard.  Just exactly what the doctor ordered during times of stress.  Apparently, Harlequin releases a monthly grouping of novels.  On my Kindle, I got five short novels (January's edition) for the price of one book.  I finshed one this morning and started on the second.  I won't become a monthly subscriber.  I'm sure after this second one I'll be ready for something with some substance, but I'll always have another steamy love story ready when needed.