Now I'm not a big "holiday" person... I expect to be treated special and receive gifts all year long... not just on specific days.  Kindness shown for no specific reason are the best surprises of all.  I do, however... like cards, so combine cards and love and you've got the makings of a special occasion.  I love the fact that our society takes out one day a year just to celebrate love.  It should after all... Love is that important.  But too often we focus on romantic love... not just love in general, and that saddens me.  Valentine's Day should celebrate all forms of love.  (For more information on love, read click here to read Pope Benedict XVI's 1st Encyclical "God Is Love.")  When the kids were little, we'd celebrate with a special dinner either out or more often home, in the dining room with candles and fine china.  We wanted to show them that love was that important.  Not just love between husband and wife, but love between parents and children and between siblings.