In Box

Recently, I read an article on time management and organizational ideas.  One of the ideas really struck me.  It suggested that you think of your in box like a kitchen sink.  It holds the stuff you don't have time for at the moment, but how long can you (or should you) really let things pile up in there?  How long before you clean it out?  I can't stand things in the sink, but I let things sit in the in box for days and days.  It's a good thing they don't stink like dirty dishes! Today was a good work day.  I cleaned out the in box and I'm determined to keep it empty.  I'm going to try and develop the habit of cleaning it out every day.  My in box is a blessing in the fact that it keeps all of the paperwork, mail and assorted items that need attention in one spot, but I really need to take care of things in a more timely manner.