Friends With Nice Photographic Equipment

How's that for a title! My camera died this weekend.  It got me though the DV Section Championships... and even limped through the podium shots, but when I was shooting the youth tournament yesterday, it finally collapsed.  I think it's the shutter.  It would just hesitate a bit.  Then after a while, it would not record an image at all.  The biggest bummer of all is that we have the best wrestling to come in the next two weeks... Sections and State!

I packed it up and sent it off to Nikon.  I'm not sure if the problem is covered under warranty (please pray) but they'll send me an estimate after they evaluate it.  The whole process could take up to 6 weeks.  Darn.

So... I was planning on using my D70 (which never let me down) for the next two weeks, but I was really dreading it.  It would be very frustrating with the slower frames per second speed and the resolution isn't as high as I'm used to... and then I thought of a friend.

I have a friend who is a parent on the team who just happens to own a beautiful Nikon D300.  I ran into her at school today and she told me she didn't plan on going to the tournaments the next two weeks, but she'd be willing to loan me her camera!  Can you believe it?  Talk about a blessing.  Soooo... I'll be shooting the post season matches with Carol's camera and playing with all of it's bells and whistles.  I can't wait.  Check the website for samples.