Dr. Forester

Once again, Dr. Forester has come to the rescue of the Rocha family.  This morning, in Steel's first match, he cut his face just above his left eye... right on the brow bone.  I first noticed the blood all over him (and his opponent) in the photos.  They stopped the match immediately and bandaged him up so the match could continue.  Immediately afterward, he went to the training room where they cleaned him up and placed several butterfly bandages on his brow.  They told him that he would have to have stitches.  The problem was... we couldn't leave.

For the next 2 matches, Steel would get bandaged up with gauze and tape all around his head.  When he finished his last match for they day, we jumped in the car and headed back to Modesto where Dr. Forester agreed to wait for us (skipping dinner with his family) so he could treat the wound.  We got to his office around 8:00 pm and Dr. Forester placed six stitches (using a circumcision kit...) in Steel's brow.  We made a quick pit stop at the drug store and then took him back to his hotel in Stockton for a good nights sleep.

We really appreciate Dr. Forester's kindness and generosity.