I'm a list maker.  I like things written down in an orderly fashion and it give me a great thrill to check things off when they are complete.  I like things finished and I guess you could say I really don't mind endings.  This isn't always a good thing.  Sometimes I'm looking forward to the ending of an event so much that I don't enjoy the process or the moments that are involved.  I miss a lot.  I always try to remind myself that life's a journey, not a destination... but I really like destinations. Today is the completion of  the 2008-2009 wrestling season for our family... at least the competitive part.  I've complained a lot this season, I know... but I have to say... this is not the ending I would have chosen... but  in the word of the wise... "It is what it is."  While there is disappointment... there is a sense of relief in the completion... a sense of accomplishment and an overall feeling of peace now that it's over and we know for sure that we will endure and live to see the end.