The Lemos Family

I've known for a long time that I'm blessed.  I don't really believe in luck... I think what we call luck is really preparation meeting opportunity.  But one of the biggest blessings in my life, especially lately is the wonderful Lemos Family. The Lemos' have adopted Charlie (and sometimes Daisy) as their own and care for him on the weekends when we are away at wrestling tournaments.  Charlie LOVES them all and is very excited to visit and comfortable at his home away from home.  I was teasing a few weeks ago when I said that it felt a little like sharing custody of a child... but under these circumstances, Charlie is just fortunate to have the love of twice as many people. 

The funny thing is... every time I pick him up or drop him off... they thank ME.  I still can't believe it. They are excited to have him come, look forward to his arrival and are even a little disappointed when he has to go home.  This weekend, they even asked if he could stay an extra day so they could have some more time with him.

How fortunate we are to have friends like the Lemos'.  It warms my heart to see how happy Charlie is when he is in their home.  Charlie is blessed too.