Wedding Shows

I really don't care for weddings... but I love watching those stupid wedding shows on TV... They are reality shows with real weddings... real brides and grooms, real planning and real drama.  Sometimes I get so irritated I have to walk away (Bridezillas) but my favorite is Platinum Weddings (can't tell you what channel it's on) and we have the TiVo set to record them.  When Sierra was living at home full time, it was almost a nightly ritual.  We'd sit down and pull up the latest recorded episode.  (We never watch it live so we can buzz through the commercials.)  Platinum Weddings (as the name suggests) are big, extravagant, large budget productions.  Most of the time, money is no object for the couple... and when money's no object... there's not a whole lot left to fight about.  It's a lot of fun to watch the trends, new and creative ideas... and how people incorporate their heritage and family customs into their special day. The best part of the whole thing is sitting down with Sierra to critique... And believe me... when I say critique... there is no one and no thing safe from our judgement.  We know what we like (and most of the time we agree) and what is absolutely appalling to us.  It's not the same fun without Sierra around so now I save up the episodes and we usually sit down and knock them all out at once.