Drug Dogs

The drug dogs showed up un-announced at the high school today.  It's been a while since I've heard about one of their random appearances... but today, I got the text that they were on campus.  I usually don't stress out over these things... and I really didn't today... that was until I went into the office.  I returned my friend's camera (see previous post) and I stopped into the office to buy some scrip.  The tension in the air was very evident and it occurred to me that several parents would receive disturbing phone calls about their kids... calls they did not expect... Calls that I've never received (as of yet, thank God.)  But at least awareness was brought to those families... and we'll keep them in our prayers. So a double whammy blessing today.  The existence of drug sniffing dogs that help in our battle against this evil... and the fact that nothing was found on my kid.