I have a terrific life... and I'm the first one to say it.  One of the things I LOVE is the fact that I can drop whatever it is I'm doing at any particular moment and do something else... Now this doesn't work well when I have a big project or something serious that really needs to get accomplished... but most of the time I can justify my quick change of plans as pure spontaneity!  Now usually... I like things planned out at least 6 weeks in advance... but today... I just let it go. Leroy comes home in the morning and says... "Wanna go to Costco with me?"  Of course I do.  I was planning on getting some housework done, but that can ALWAYS wait until later.  I love Costco and it's especially a treat to go with him.

In the afternoon, I try and focus on the housework again and decide baking a batch of homemade oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies sounds much better.  Once again... cleaning on the back burner.  

Leroy comes in later and says... "Wanna go to Hilmar for Austin's baseball game."  Of course I do!  The cookie dough will bake much better if it sits in the refrigerator for a couple of hours anyway.

Needless to say... the housework didn't get done, and the cookies didn't get baked... but it was a great day... just living in the moment.