Sadies' Photos

I've been very blessed that the students that I follow around with the camera really don't object to my presence for the most part (at least not to my face.)  They are really quite kind and even seem to appreciate me.  I always get a kick out of the "new" kids or kids that don't know me really well.  They are sometimes a little shy.  I often have parents ask how it is that I get away with such freedom and I always tell them... I just do it... I never ask for permission.

Today was the Sadies' dance at CCHS and the theme was "Famous Couples."  I crashed the dinner party at a local Mexican restaurant to snap a few photos of the kids in Steel's group and they were really accommodating.  There were some great costumes and I was happy to see so many of them participate in the theme.  This dance is fun... There's not the stress of the prom... and all of the kids are friends and just have a good time in the group.

The pictures are terrific... and the memories will be even better.  I treasure these moments and I know that these occasions will be coming to an end soon.  I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.  Thank you to the kids that allow me to participate in their experience.