Sierra an I spent the day with a good friend of that we met through high school wrestling.  Her name is Tammy and we are exact polar opposites.  As a matter of fact, I said to her today (as I was chasing her around Sephora with glitter eyeshadow) "I don't know why we're friends."  Tammy is pretty shy and dare I say a little self conscious... and if you know me, I crave attention so much I'll do anything to get it.  I am loud and goofy and Tammy is quiet and reserved.  I think I embarrass her to death whenever we're together... but for some reason, she keeps coming back for more.  Even her kids are a little afraid of what I'll say or do whenever they're around.  (They're just like their mother.) Tammy is very kind and thoughtful.  She is a dear friend... the kind you know you could call at 1:00 am in the morning because you're so irritated that you can't sleep.  (Been there.)  She is a great listener (especially when I'm complaining about wrestling) and she keeps me grounded.  She keeps me in reality.  She is the voice of reason when I get a wild idea and I've even referred to her as my own personal Jiminy Cricket!  I have to admit... I love keeping her on the edge of her seat.