Oil Blotting Sheets

OK... I'm going to give you and "ick" warning.  What I'm about to write about is pretty gross and even makes me a little uncomfortable, but here goes.  I am now obsessed with blotting sheets that you use on your face to absorb excess oil.  They are so disgusting, but they work really well.  These things are miracles workers.  After all... what's a girl with oily skin going to do?  Everything tells us to make sure we're using a sunblock on a regular basis to prevent pre-mature aging but it makes my skin even oilier than usual.  Now that it's warming up... the problem is even more severe. Sierra told me about these sheets and I bought a pack at Long's the other day.  Gross, gross... gross... But they really worked well to remove all of the oil without removing the makeup or caking on more makeup to cover it up.  Amazing.  I'm hooked.  Another secret trick (from Sierra also) is to use the toilet seat covers in public restrooms.  It's the same type of material and they're big and FREE.  Every time I use a public restroom now.. I'm covering and blotting... but not at the same time... and obviously... NOT with the same sheet!