I've already pointed out the fact that I love food... but one of my ultimate favorite things is crab... Actually, Alaskan Snow Crab (I'll eat others but this is my favorite.)  When I was little, I would think of them as big spiders, but this never deterred my appetite.  I loved it as a child... and still do as an adult.  The best way is freshly steamed with drawn butter... but since I've been married to Leroy, I've learned to love crab in a good Cioppino as well. Usually, I don't like to eat with my hands (chicken on the bone for example) but there is something liberating in cracking crab and eating it without utensils.  I remember when I learned how to do it properly.  I had flown to Alaska with my parents for my brother Curtis' wedding.  We went out to dinner following the rehearsal and his best friend (who was about to be his brother in law and I think his best man too) sat next to me and very patiently taught me the right way to crack and eat crab.  Why this memory has stuck with me I'll never know, but every time I sit down to eat crab I think of Jake.  He taught me well.  I don't miss a piece.