Today is my dog's 1st Birthday.  Coach's Lineman Charlie is an important part of my family and a true blessing everyday.

Charlie was a gift to me... given by good friends.  (One of whom used to be Steel's line coach.... hence the name.)  I started taking pictures of him and his 11 siblings when they were 3 weeks old and their eyes had just opened.  They were the most beautiful litter of puppies I had ever seen.  Charlie was always the biggest and the lightest color in the group so I could easily pick him out when ever I returned for more pictures.  

He's a big boy now.  (100 + lb. Yellow Lab) He has the kindest heart... and he is very smart.  I've been working with him since he came home... trying to expose him to different environments to prepare him as a therapy dog.  I've always wanted a dog I could take to visit people in nursing homes and in hospitals... and Charlie has the perfect temperament for the job.  He brings a lot of joy to our family and I can't wait to share his personality with those who need him.