Sunday Dinner

It was a blessing today to eat Sunday dinner at my in-laws house again.  It used to happen on a weekly basis when we first got married... but over the years we've been pulled in other directions and so have they.  It's not like we have to travel... they live right next door.  But, our lives have become so busy that even a simple ritual as weekly dinner with the family has fallen by the wayside... and just like everything else, you don't realize how significant it is until it's gone. Sunday dinner in the past was almost always BBQ chicken.  Today we had sopas, pork chops and a variety of other things... all of which were delicious.  The Almedias were there and we even joked that we didn't know where our place at the table was anymore because it had been such a long time.  We missed Sierra... and commented that she would have enjoyed being there too.