I had my annual eye doctor appointment today and for the first time in many (many) years, my prescription did not change enough to warrant new glasses.  (Which works out really well since this was the off year for the insurance paying for the frames.)  I don't mind going to the eye doctor.  I've had a crush on him since I was 10... and he always tells me how young I look.  (He's a politician... really.)  But, I hate doing all of the preliminary tests ahead of time... especially the one for peripheral vision.  (Which I always score higher than average, thank you very much.) Anyway... my vision is truly a blessing and something that I often take for granted.  I don't like to wear glasses, but I'm grateful to have them.  I'm not a candidate for contacts (shape of my eyes, dryness, prescription, etc.) so I'm stuck with these for a while and I'm going to try and appreciate them a bit more.