I am a major purse/handbag junkie.  It's a major addiction... one that I've had for most of my life.  I don't care much about shoes... but bags of all sorts are an absolute favorite.  I like really unique things... and even have a few favorites in the collection from high school.  I have a great hand bag that's made from a cigar box and an adorable clutch that looks like a rolled up Vogue magazine.   For my birthday, Leroy gave me a beautiful new bag and wallet.  We went to the store together and he sat there for almost 30 minutes while I looked around and picked the exact set I wanted.  I'm so indecisive that I wasn't sure what to choose and even after the purchase, I've been considering returning it for a different style.  Today when I pulled it out to admire it again, I realized that it had the memory of the trip to the store attached to it and right then and there I understood that the sentimental memory made it irreplaceable.

So today, I decided it was warm enough to change to the new handbag (color and style being considered.)  I emptied out the old purse, purged what was no longer necessary and packed my new bag.  It truly is magnificent.  It was like celebrating my birthday all over again.