The term Rosary refers to a series of prayers used by Catholics as a private devotional.  It also refers to the beads that are used as a counting device for these prayers (rosary beads) but in our area, it can also mean a vigil prayer service preceding (usually) a funeral.   (Ok, reading this back... it sounds very confusing.)   Let me just post what the dictionary says:

ro⋅sa⋅ry [roh-zuh-ree]

–noun, plural -ries.
a. a series of prayers, usually consisting of 15 decades of aves (Hail Marys), each decade being preceded by a paternoster (Our Father) and followed by a Gloria Patri (Glory Be), one of the mysteries or events in the life of Christ or the Virgin Mary being recalled at each decade.

a string of beads used for counting these prayers during their recitation.

Anyway... It's a beautiful devotional.  It's very meditative.... and the Mysteries (stories of Jesus) teach you about Jesus' life.  There is a cultural aspect to the rosary as well.  It is a very popular devotional for the Portuguese Catholics in our area and most of the funerals we attend have a Rosary vigil service the night before.  Leroy and I attended one tonight and as the nun led us through the prayers I reflected on the fact that I had not used this gift in my spiritual life for quite some time.