Dining Room

I really love my dining room.  It's not very big... and it's not very fancy... but there have been so many wonderful memories made there that it truly is one of my favorite places in the world.  The table and chairs are hand-me-downs from my in-laws from when they lived here.  The wood on the walls is old and beautiful and the light fixture that hangs over the table was installed by my step-father just shortly before he passed away.  The china (visible through the glass doors of the built in cabinet) was a gift from Leroy for our wedding anniversary and the rest of the treasures behind the doors have special significance and memories attached to them as well. But, it's really the company that gathers there that means the most.  We've entertained so many guests in that room, celebrated so many accomplishments and even mourned and memorialized loved ones lost.  Football game plans and strategies have been formulated, victories celebrated and losses reviewed.  We've blown out birthday candles, honored Mothers and Fathers and shared Christmas morning breakfast.  We've had as many as 20 people gathered and as few as 2 and it always seems to be just the right size.  I look around the table now and I remember those who have been there with us so far... and imagine, with great anticipation those who are yet to be introduced.