It is strange to think that I’ve been in love and married to this man for most of my life.  We’ve been married for 22 years (in November) and I can honestly say that each day I love him more than the day before.  As I sit and write this even now, I find it difficult to express the depth of emotion I feel for him.  The word love seems too simple.

I married Leroy when I was only19 years old and at the time I did not realize that God had placed him in my life.  Leroy was willing to sacrifice so much to love ME…to marry ME…  I should have recognized it as his true character, but I was not mature enough to even begin to understand the gift I had been given. But, through the years I’ve grown to appreciate and cherish him.  He is strong, loyal, faithful, passionate, hard working and kind.  He is a wonderful father and a devoted husband who loves his family with all of his heart.  He is committed to our marriage and to our children and has demonstrated this through all of the time and energy he puts into each of those relationships.  What more could a girl ask for

He is the love of my life, my best friend and my partner.  He truly is my soul.