Easter Sunday

For the last 10 years (since I started attending the Easter Vigil) I have not done much on Easter Sunday which has been an extraordinary blessing.  I am so busy on Holy Saturday with rehearsal and mass and then... add on to that the fact that I don't get home till after midnight... I really don't plan on getting much accomplished on Easter Sunday.  And rightfully so.  For the last several years, Leroy and the kids go to mass in the morning while I sleep in and then we head to Sacramento to my brother's to celebrate the holiday with my side of the family.  This year, before going to Sacramento, I met Leroy, the kids and my in-laws at a restaurant for breakast after they attended 8:00 am mass.  Perhaps a new tradition...?  We'll see. We also enjoyed visiting with the Borbas at my sister-in-laws in Hilmar in the evening.  It really was a day well spent in the company of family.