Thumbprint Cookies

It's no secret I love a good cookie... and one of my favorites just came back.  During the Christmas and Easter seasons my favorite bakery (Olde Tyme Pastries in Turlock) does not make my favorite Chocolate Thumbprint cookies.  Instead, they opt for a plain "colored" frosting to match the holiday decorations.  I.e. red for Christmas and yellow for Easter.  BLAH!  This makes no sense to me.  Those plain frosted thumbprints cannot compare to the flavor of the chocolate frosting. I was in Turlock today (dropping off my eyeglass frames for new lenses) when I realized that Easter was over (at least for the secular society) so I dropped in to check on my cookies and THEY WERE THERE!  Just like magic... they were back on the shelf.  Alleluia!  An Easter gift to myself.