Australian E-Mail

This morning I had the nicest surprise waiting for me in my in-box... It was an e-mail from a friend who lives in Australia.  Mina is actually related to Leroy's sister Anne and has been here to visit her family on a couple of occasions.  (The last time they were here was 8 years ago.)  Anyway... Mina wrote to say hello and that she'll be visiting in September and that she enjoys reading my blog. I'm always a little shocked and surprised when someone mentions the blog... But to get a response from clear across the world was really fun.  I can tell how many people read it.  (The highest was 45 people in one day.) But, I don't know WHO is reading it... and I certainly don't know what they think of it.  (Not that it really matters... but I would find it interesting.)

So keep up the comments (I appreciate them) and if you're not comfortable with posting a public comment, you can always e-mail me.

Signing off with a "G-Day Mates" to my friends Down Under!