Secretary's Day

Today I was surprised by my husband with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in honor of Secretary's Day... or  what is now known as Administrative Professional's Day.  The fun thing about this year is that I totally forgot about the day.  I saw it on the calendar last week and planned my usual set up.  In  year's past, Leroy would forget about it... I would remind him and tease him and make him feel a bit guilty (not much) then I could sucker him into taking me to lunch somewhere.  It wasn't a hard sell.  But this year... the joke was on me.  I forgot, he remembered... and had flowers for me early in the morning. Sierra told me it wasn't really fair because I'm not a secretary.  I told her that I've worked as her father's administrative assistant since I married him almost 22 years ago.  The pay is lousy, but the benefits are tremendous!