Left Overs

Not a real popular item for most people but I have to say that having left overs in the fridge has become a blessing for me.  I don't necessarily eat them... but just knowing they are there and having them available is a gift.  Since my surgery (Gastric Bypass in 2003) I don't eat much... well at least not in one sitting, so I always have left overs... especially when we've been at a restaurant.  I always box it up and bring it home and throw it in the fridge.  If it's something really yummy (like left over filet mignon) it won't make it till I get up the next day.   Sometimes the left overs are eaten as soon as I get home.  If Steel has not been with us and comes home after we do... he'll check out the bounty to see if there is anything he likes.  If it something really special...  I always write DO NOT EAT on the box.  Not that it always works but I'd like to think it's a bit of a deterrent... maybe?  

Lately... I've been obsessed... no, I should say addicted to the Scampi Pasta at BJ's.  I always order it without the breadcrumbs with a cup of Minestrone.  The best part is that by the time I'm finished with the soup, I'm full, so I get to take (most) of the pasta home.  Then I have it for 2 or 3 small meals later on the next day.  Delicious.