Moms' Dinner

Once a month (or pretty close to it) I have dinner with 3 friends that I met when Sierra was in first grade at St. Stanislaus School.  These ladies also had daughters in Sierra's class and we've stayed good friends since that time.  When the girls were in 2nd grade (I think) we started going to dinner once a month... just the moms... and we've been going strong ever since.  There used to be 6 of us, but over the years we've lost a couple participants... but for the 4 of us... for 12 + years...  we've held on, made the commitment ... and kept it going. In the early days... we'd meet (usually on a Friday night) around 6:00 or so and stay until way after midnight... just chatting away.  We've even been asked to leave a couple of times.  We were oblivious that it was almost 1:00 am and we were the only customers left.  Sometimes we wait for a long time for a table, and sometimes we're seated immediately, but it doesn't matter because we're talking the whole time anyway.  These dinners were an outlet for us to compare notes on our daughters, keep up with school news and help each other through the ups and downs of life.  They were a refuge.  Times to escape the stress of family life and to share conversation with real, true girlfriends.   Even though our girls have all gone in different directions... not much has changed.  We still talk about our kids, work, spouses and school... but we've changed.  Our kids are growing up and our roles in their lives has changed.  Interesting... but it's only change.  Even though it's different, we each still enjoy and see the need for the camaraderie we so enjoy.