High School Baseball

Everyone knows I'm a big sports fan... but I'm especially fond of high school sports.  Actually... It's the only real competition (other than a few college games) that I even care to watch anymore.  It's the personal connection.  I didn't care about college football until the day I saw Louis Bland (former CC Raider standout) on the screen.  What a thrill.  As time goes on, I hope to see more and more of "my boys" playing at the college level.  In high school and college... it's sport for the love of the game.  No salaries, no contracts... just kids out giving their all and building character.  

Today I was able to shoot (photograph) high school baseball.  (Sidebar:  I have to admit that it is NOT my favorite game to photograph... too difficult with the speed.)  Coach Glines (see previous post) allowed me in the dugout to get a better view of the game.  It's always an honor to be in the game with him.  Opportunities like that don't come along every day so I take advantage when I have the chance.   It was a lot of fun. Hearing the coaches and players cheering for the team... watching the organization and discipline required to be successful... and then celebration when they won.  We even had a kid hit a grand slam to break the tied score.  You can't ask for more than that!