Change of Address Cards

A friend of mine moved to Stockton in February.  She told me that she'd let me know when she was settled... but it has been a while since I'd heard from her.  I sent an e-mail only to have it returned due to a full mailbox.  When I tried her cell... it had been disconnected.  I felt like I was the one that had been disconnected.  I had no way of contacting her to find out if she was OK... until I received her change of address card in the mail.  What a relief.  In a quick note, all of my fears were settled.  It included her address and new phone numbers.   We recently changed our post office box from Modesto to Ceres to make it more convenient to pick up the mail.  Since everyone drives themselves to school now, I have no need to go to that part of town on a regular basis and the mail was not being picked up in a timely manner anymore.  I wasn't going to worry about send out cards... I figured I'd just wait till my Christmas cards go out and notify people that way.  But... now I'm thinking, maybe I'll send out a little "summer" greeting to say hello and let everyone know about the change.