Blog Comment

Today was a really long day.  Enjoyable... but long.  While we were running the last errand and almost ready to go home, I checked my e-mail and found one regarding a comment left on my personal blog.  I read the post and it made my day. Several weeks ago I had written a post on my personal blog about Will deBoard resigning as a reporter for the Modesto Bee.  In the post I stated how disappointed I was to be losing Will because I enjoyed his articles on high school sports, but also enjoyed his company on the sidelines.  Anyway... he found the post, read it and commented back.  I was so glad to hear an update on his career and thrilled that he took the time to comment.  Like I've said before... I'm continually amazed at the people who follow the blogs and really appreciate the feedback.  This one was a total surprise and truly a blessing.  Click here to read the post and Will's comment.