Leroy's Flu

Now before you go jumping to conclusions... I'm stating right up front that having the flu (for anybody) is not a blessing.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone... but for me today, I was able to turn Leroy's "unfortunate circumstance" into a blessing for myself. Leroy's sick.  Really, really sick.  He doesn't get sick very often so when it does... it's a big deal.  He's so sick that he even stayed in the house this afternoon which has only happened one other time in the past 22 years.  (When he had is wisdom teeth pulled.)  He did do his morning chores, ran a few errands then he was in the house napping for the rest of the day.  (Except for about 5 minutes when he walked outside to check on things.)  I don't know if it's Swine Flu... but it's flu none the less.

The good news is that it provided me an opportunity to be kind and to help my husband.  I've stated before that I think he "hung the moon" and I really enjoy his company... (however, I will say that he's a lot more fun when he's well, or at least conscious) so being in the house with him just relaxing and watching TV was really a treat.  He caught up on several episodes of Law and Order (his favorite) and even ate a bit of soup in between naps.  I was happy to be there and know full well that he's been there for me in the past and will be when my sick time comes around again.