Wool Growers

We don't make it to Los Banos very often, but whenever we do, we always make time to eat at the Basque restaurant Wool Growers.  It is a landmark in the city and known throughout the region for the delicious (and abundant) meals.  My dad loved Basque food.  When I was little, I think we ate at every Basque restaurant in the West.  As a kid, I couldn't see the attraction.  I always thought they were dirty and dark... but he loved the experience and in my maturity... I do too. We went to watch Brandon show in Master Showmanship today and immediately following, the Rocha family headed to Wool Growers for dinner.  As usual it was delicious.  (The soup is my favorite.)  By the time the main course comes along, I'm already so full I can't even take a bite, but the chicken I order wraps up well for a doggie bag.  The food was great but the company was even better.  Maybe that's what is so appealing.  The family style forces us to act like a family and interact.  Inevitably, we run into friends or family there as well so you really do feel at home.