Photoshop Elements

I can't believe it is the 125th day of the year and I have yet to count any of my software programs as blessings.  (At least I don't think I have.)  I'm a big geek.  Especially with computers and electronic gadgets.  I love them.  So it makes sense that there are a few software programs I am especially fond of using. The first I'll mention is Photoshop Elements.  This is the "dummy" version of the original Photoshop... and to be honest... it's still way over my head.  Although I have learned many of the functions (self taught with how to books) I know there is a TON of things this program can do that I cannot even begin to understand.  Mostly I use it for my digital scrapbooking... (which I love but don't seem to spend much time doing...)  Sometimes I'll use it to tweak a photograph a bit to make it look a little better... but I really don't do much of that either since most of my shoots are in bulk.  (I.e. 500 photos of 1 football game.)  I have to admit, I did go in and "touch up" my self portrait that I took in March.  I just erased a few wrinkles here and there and converted it to black and white to even out the skin tone.   All of these things are basics in this program.