Garden Wagon

I worked out in the yard a bit today.  I didn't do much really, just a cleaned out the doghouse and washed down the porch and Charlie's kennel.  I threw away some old dog beds (stuff he has chewed up) and moved the dog house into the garage for the summer.   I moved some firewood back to the stock pile and hauled a lawn chair from the front porch to the back yard.... and I did it all with my trusty garden wagon. Leroy bought me the wagon a few years ago and I use it for everything outside.  I really don't like yard work, gardening or anything of the sort, but there are always a few chores that have to be done and thank goodness I have my wagon to help.  I must have loaded it up 4-5 times today with things that I was dumping, throwing away or moving from one part of the yard to the other.  It has big wheels that easily roll on the grass or the gravel.  It has an easy lever for dumping and it is lightweight and easily maneuverable.  It was like having a helper there by my side.